Monday, December 29, 2008

The Official Opening Of Gorgeous Souq

Salam to all of you and Happy New Year !!

Welcome to the official opening of Gorgeous Souq ....

Alhamdulillah... finally i m launching this blog after such a long time dreaming of it ... This blog is dedicated to all of you ... u can be gorgeous with a very affordable price ...

For our first item... we're bringing the sweet and gorgeous 'Tudung Bawal Sulam Tangan'. The side of tudung is using a technique called Sulam Tarik Benang. So hurry up...while stock last ... ;)

The price for all the tudung is RM 55.00

Tudung - pink (SOLD)

Flower embroidery with combination in red, brown,pink

Tudung - Light Peach

Flower embroidery with combination in white,brown,black colour

Tudung - Grey

Flower embroidery in yellow, black

Tudung- maroon pink

Flower embroidery in dark red, pink, green

Tudung - Brown orange (SOLD)

Flower embroidery in white, red, green

Tudung - Coco Maroon (SOLD)

Flower embroidery in light pink, black, pink

Tudung - Yellow

Flower embroidery in yellow, orange, green

Tudung - Purple

Flower embroidery in light pink, red pink and green

Lovely green

Flower Embroidery in green and grey

Tudung -Dark pink (SOLD)

Flower embroidery in white, light pink, green

Tudung - Black

Flower Embroidery in red, green and white


Im selling this last tudung for a cheaper price because there's slightly a stain mark. But i can guarantee you that it is a very-very minor stain... no one will even notice it.. :)

Tudung - Cream

Flower Embroidery in pink, dark pink, black